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"Her debut novel, An Unexpected Bride, has burst onto the scene, zooming up the bestseller lists and racking up fans faster than other writers racking
up words....a smash hit!"- KINDLE FIRE DEPARTMENT (

"Author Shadonna Richards has an "unexpected" bestseller on her hands with this unheralded romantic comedy....An Unexpected Bride has sold 10,000 copies in its first three months..."-KINDLE NATION DAILY

"For me, this was one of those books you cuddle up with on a stormy day, with your favorite beverage in your favorite chair, and just get lost in the story. .. This sweet and humorous romance is sure to keep you entertained as well as have you giggling.  "-JUST ONE MORE PARAGRAPH (TWEEZLEREADS.BLOGSPOT.COM)

"This was a cute read. It had it's charming moments and I found it was very easy to read.-- Aimee (Coffee Table Reviews)

"I enjoyed the chemistry between Emma and Evan."
-From the TBR PILE 

"...this is something romance lovers will want to get their hands on..."
-Everyday is an Adventure (Book blog)

"An Unexpected Bride was an unexpected delight to read. It showed the extent to which one may go to ensure the dieing wish of a loved one."
     -Annette Nishimoto                   

" endearing story about a devoted granddaughter wanting to give her grandfather his last wish...  Pick up a copy and experience Shadonna’s writing!"
- Barb (Sugarbeats Books)

"If you love a romance that's filled with laughs, ups, downs, twists and turns then this is for you. I am now a fan of Shadonna Richards and I can't wait to see what she has in store for her readers next!" -Reviews by Molly

"These characters are well written, the story was fast paced, easy to read and engaging. Emma goes from single to engaged in a blink of an eye.  Make sure to check out this great read and see what happens to Emma and Evan!"
-Stitch Read Cook

"Shadonna Richards is a wonderful author!...It's a sweet and romantic story that will sweep you off your feet."
- Reviews by Molly

I was impressed that a novella would be able to touch on such a serious disorder such as autism. I really enjoyed this story and felt that the story and the writing was the best yet. (Review on Goodreads for The Matchmaker Bride)

Fun and Informative Heartwarming Love Story
This is a book that gives you look into a type of autism from child to an adult..this 

along with a beautiful love story.
(Review on Goodreads for The Matchmaker Bride)

I enjoy Shadonna Richards books. This read was light and easy. The chemistry between the characters was great. It's always good to get that HEA.

(Review on Goodreads for The Matchmaker Bride)

"The descriptions of New York and other surroundings do draw you in...This is a well-written story that flows along nicely..."
Review from The Scarf Princess for An Unexpected Bride

"I can feel her heart beating out of her chest. Great pacing...good descriptives…I look forward to buying this story one day soon." 
- Judge, TARA contest 2010 for An Unexpected Bride

"Very sweet...great foreshadowing!" - Judge, TARA contest 2010

"I would recommend this book to fans of chick-lit and light romance or anyone looking for a book to curl up with on a rainy afternoon." -Hands and Home

"An Unexpected Bride is a modern romance readers will discover touches an old-fashioned place in their hearts." - Paige Lovitt, READER VIEWS


Dear Ms. Richards,
THANK YOU FOR THIS BOOK!, You had me with The Romero's Brothers, But OMG! The Belmonts (Dane and Olivia), You hit it out of the park. Let's not mention the last two pages of the book. WOW! –AMAZON REVIEW

So, Shadonna Richards hooked me with her Romero Brothers stories. Adore them, recommended them. … if you loved the Romero boys, I'm sure you'll love their friends, the Belmont billionaires. Given Dane & Olivia's lust story, I'm already eager to see how Brandon & Faith meet and fall in love!  -AMAZON REVIEW

I am addicted to Shadonna’s books!! I absolutely loved the Romero series and now just as i thought am already loving the Belmont's. This sexy, steamy love story between Olivia and Dane will surely keep you wanting more. Your in for a big surprise with a twist i NEVER saw coming!! --AMAZON REVIEW

…I enjoyed watching Olivia & Dane grow together and overcome their struggles. I like that this couple and story have an ending, and I was left with wanting to read the next installment. I enjoyed meeting the big, loving Belmont family and I am looking forward to meeting the rest of the hunky Belmont men!—AMAZON REVIEW  

I love Shadonna Richards books. Dane & Olivia’s story is a love story full of surprises and hope. Dane is one of the alpha males you dream about, and Olivia has just been given the opportunity to save face with over 300 wedding guest. There story is one of love, passion, and hope. Looking forward to The Billionaire's Promise (Billionaires of Belmont Book 2. Can't wait until February 27, 2015. –GOODREADS REVIEW

Loved Cole & Hope's story! I was excited to finally read Cole's story. He is strong, but very passionate and sexy - just like all of the Belmont men. Hope is such a sweet girl and I loved their chemistry together. Loved the surprise twist, too!

I liked how the other characters of this family are still involved with each other's lives. I can't wait for Leo's story. –AMAZON REVIEW

Great book I love reading Shadonna's books I've read all of this series so far. –AMAZON REVIEW

I always LOVE the twists at the end of these books!!!!! Well done! –AMAZON REVIEW

Honesty & Leo were such a sweet couple. I fell in love with them right away. Honesty is such a sweetheart and I was hoping that she'd end up with Leo from the moment they met. This story had a lot of suspense and quite a few surprises. And I was so thrilled to finally learn the Belmont/Jackson Family Secret! I've been wondering about this for so long… --AMAZON REVIEW

I loved the way the author weaved the details of this final book with the last Belmont brother marriage and the conflict with the Jacksons resolved. Will the author continue this storyline with the Jackson's family? –AMAZON REVIEW

Wonderful. Shadonna Richards at her best. A lovely sweet romance but with teeth. Dramatic, heart warming and wrenching at the same time. Intrigued, mystery, threats and a death through in for good measure. A must read ladies. –AMAZON REVIEW

Loved the characters lots of sexual tension, I loved this story can't wait to read the next book , I am glad that Dane and Olivia got it together.—AMAZON REVIEW

Lovely moving story. Lots of emotions including confusion, angry and passion. Loving that this is the start of another series. –AMAZON REVIEW

I have loved reading this books. I have been spellbound to them and have not got been able to put them down! –AMAZON REVIEW

Brilliant. Shadonna Richards has the formula for the perfect romance. Full of intrigued, mystery, suspense, romance, family and even a good dollop of erotica. A definite read for the end of summer to cheer you up. –AMAZON REVIEW

Brilliant book. Shadonna Richards always gives you a good story. Can't wait for the next in the series. –AMAZON REVIEW

I am loving this Belmont series. 1 by 1 the brothers are falling in love. Lots of sexual tension in this story and deception. Roll on book 4. –AMAZON REVIEW

Love that Belmont familly... full of quirks and lovely down to earth values.... can't wait for the next one... –AMAZON REVIEW

just fantastic brilliant writing could not put it down –AMAZON REVIEW

Wow I loved this book the last one of the Belmont series now we wait if this fantastic writer will write about his cousins that would be interesting—AMAZON REVIEW

Love this series! Can't wait for the next one! –AMAZON REVIEW

Loved it just waiting for next edition –GOODREADS REVIEW

I really enjoyed this book. Can't wait for the next instalment –GOODREADS REVIEW

this book was great. it has alot of interesting twist and turns in the book. i would recommend this book to my friends and family. –GOODREADS REVIEW

Books by Shadonna Richards are always a pleasure to read. They are romantic, funny, and always have a happy ending. Keep up the great work Shadonna! –GOODREADS REVIEW

I loved this book. There was a good twist which was unexpected. Good series. A must read. Can't wait for the next one. –GOODREADS REVIEW

Brilliant series. –GOODREADS REVIEW


I absolutely loved this book! Shadonna has done it again. Great romance and Mystery all in one. I am never disappointed when reading your books!! Cannot wait for more! – AMAZON

If you believe in family these books are for you. Lots of sibling and interfering older members. please write more about them and their kids. just love a good series quick to the point but still wanting more... - Kobo customer

Love all the books in the Romero Brothers series! Each brother finding true love. Will read them again. -  Kobo customer

Anyone who has read Shadonna's series on the Romero family knows the guys are all super hot, successful, and upstanding citizens, even if rather commitment phobic. But Jenna-Lynn, her backstory was a surprise. Can't reveal too much without having to give a spoiler alert, so read the Billionaire's Assistant. It's another good one. I hope a boxed set is in her fans' future! -AMAZON

I love the story line and how it kept you guessing. Who would've thought that Jenna would be who she was. You have your suspicions but the story was written so well that it kept you hanging. Great job. I can't wait for the next book just the first paragraphs of it have me drooling already. This is going to be a good one. :-) – AMAZON

I love this author. I love the series too. Definitely romance at its best. These guys are a woman's dream come true. Too bad they really don't exist, but it's still nice to dream. That's why I read.—AMAZON

I loved this book. It keeps you on edge!! And to top it off, gives you hope of happily ever after!!!! Must read –AMAZON

As usual Shadonna has met and supersedes my expectation I couldn't put it down – AMAZON

This is some very good reading..a great story line and some wonderful mystery..Not to mention some steamy Love making..I enjoyed... – AMAZON

I loved this book. It keeps you on edge!! And to top it off, gives you hope of happily ever after!!!! Must read – AMAZON

This series is wonderful. I have bought every one of them, and they just keep getting better – AMAZON

I really enjoyed this book. The characters were great and the story line was great. I couldn't put this book down until I finished it. I recommend this book to everyone. – AMAZON

I have been reading the Romero brothers series and everyone of the books hold my interest. Looking forward to the next book. -- AMAZON

Suspense, family support, a proposal to be considered!!! If I were in Venus's situation, I would definitely seek the pleasure and say YES!!! – AMAZON

Another GREAT story line!! Exceptional read with an amazing twist that keeps you wanting more!! Shadonna, you never disappoint. Alot of sizzling romance details that we all crave!! – AMAZON

I've read all of the books in the Romero Series and they just keep getting better and better! Another heart warming love story! – AMAZON

I will always look forward to Shadonna's next love story! She writes from her heart and consistently comes up with interesting storylines. – AMAZON

Very well written leaves you waiting to see how this family pulls together when one is in trouble a very lovely family –AMAZON

This whole series about the Romero Brothers is awesome! I hope the next book comes out very soon. The details are enticing and you feel as if you are there in the story. I read the entire book in one setting. I could not put it down until I finished the story. – AMAZON

Loved this book and am loving the Romero brothers series. Roll on the last 2 books. Great story line, brill characters. Lost of sexual tension. A must read. – AMAZON

I am loving the Romero brothers series. Looking forward to the next book. They are very passionate, sexy and powerful men. I would happily marry any of them. – AMAZON

I loved this book as i have done all the others. Was hard to put it down until i had finished it. Brilliant Series and great Author. – AMAZON

This book was a fantastic read I enjoyed it a lot ..... thank you .. now waiting for Shadonna next book in this series :) – AMAZON

Again Shadonna Richards has excelled with this second book of the series... This is the story of Lucas and Maxine..If you love a feel good gooey romance this book is for you.. you will laugh out loud at will also tear up..I cannot wait for the next book in the series.. – AMAZON

I do love a book that has loads if brothers that need marrying off. This is my 4th book and have another 4 to go. I would be happy to marry any of them. – AMAZON


love the series... BARNES AND NOBLE
Wow!!!!!!!!! Nice twist at end... – BARNES AND NOBLE
Love the Romeros –BARNES AND NOBLE

Loved it! I love the Romero Brothers – GOODREADS
I have finished a wonderful book. It kept me reading way into the night. Could not put down. A fantastic story with great characters and a beautiful ending. – GOODREADS
Great start to a new series for me to read. Love it –GOODREADS
Cute falling in love story. Granpa was a hoot! –GOODREADS
This was a great book. Fun and enjoyable. –GOODREADS
This series is wonderful –GOODREADS
This one was by far was favourite of all the stories. I really enjoyed the storyline and chemistry of the main characters. Well done. –GOODREADS
What a man! I want me one! –GOODREADS
Enjoyed..have to read the entire series. –GOODREADS
What can I say but wow. Everyone wants a man to protect and defend them –GOODREADS
Hot!!!!! Read it twice. It makes me want to go to Jamaica now!!! Good descriptions. Wow i was surprised at the twist at the end. can't wait to read the next romero in the series. short but fun, fun read. –GOODREADS
The Romero brothers are perfect!! It's nice that they actually get to know each other before they jump in to bed with each other! Too many books now are just all about the naughty bits but these aren't, yes there are naughty bits going on but there's more of a story too! Zack in particular when he speaks with Blue, he is so seductive in normal conversation!! Three great stories lovely reads, will definitely read the rest! –AMAZON
Excellent –AMAZON
I love how she created the family to be real and have hearts rather than pretentious little selfish rich boys! – AMAZON

The Romero Brothers books are fun, fast-paced romances. Each story featured a new couple and the main hero was one of the Romero Brothers. It was nice to see it all connected yet have each story remain separate. The Romero Brothers are hot, powerful, billionaires. The stories each have happy endings which I am a fan of! They are a perfect escape from the world. –AMAZON

I love the Romero Brothers series!!! Great story lines. Great family. I’ve enjoyed all the books in the series so far. It was nice to read the first three in the series in this box set. The stories are captivating with some page turning suspense thrown in. The characters are loveable and I love Granpa Toni. He’s a ton of fun. The books have great supportive characters. The stories are well written. –AMAZON

Praise for  


"Written with humor and wisdom, Shadonna Richards has produced a book that is both fun to read and loaded with techniques for helping all of us achieve true, deep, lasting happiness."
---Bob Nozik, MD, Co-founder of the American Happiness Association (AHA), Professor Emeritus, University of California Medical Center

"I love this great new book: Think and Be Happy by Shadonna Richards. She has created a profound book on happiness that is very simple. Their is no doubt in my mind that Shadonna has searched and found the secret of happiness and is sharing it with us in this valuable book. Her words of wisdom will serve us all on our path to happiness. This is a perfect book to buy for a friend because you will be helping to spread happiness to the ones you love. Happiness is a gift and Shadonna has handed it to us. We just have to open it, enjoy it and learn from it."
--Lionel Ketchian
Founder of the Happiness Clubs  

“Shadonna Richards has discovered the elusive secret to finding inner-peace and happiness. In Think & be Happy, she shares the fullness of the discovery with a flourish in manageable sound bites." ~Yvonne Blackwood
 Author of Into Africa A Personal Journey

“Shadonna's new book, Think and be Happy, is wonderful and hopeful.  It's poetic, relevant and simple. During stressful times everyone can use a reminder that happiness is a choice. We are reminded to seek experiences to make us happy not things.  Shadonna has given us the recipe for creating a happy life, she shows us how we can incorporate this basic ingredient so we will live a fulfilling and abundant life.  Her use of poetic language moves us to believe that this state of happiness is readily achievable for all who desire to partake.
  ~Mitzie Hunter, Vice President, External Relations, Goodwill  (Greater Toronto, Central and Eastern Ontario)

“Think and Be Happy, is filled with golden nuggets that provide inspiration to start your day on a positive note no matter who you are.  Although intended to be read on a daily basis, you may find that you just can't get enough of these gems of wisdom without reading even more. Shadonna Richards shares her words of wisdom in a way that will have you telling your friends to get their own copy and not wait for you to pass it on to them. We need more books like this one! “
--Catherine Pulsifer, Editor